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Welcome Serene Dreamers,
      Today is the day to bring your dreams to life.  Let your heart venture out to places unknown and explore the world as your inner child see fit, without the restrictions of having to be an adult...... What if you could do exactly what your heart wanted? What you truly saw fit? What if you could travel to any destination? Would you search to find the way? Or would you fill your head with Negative thoughts like, I can't because.... 

You are royalty and should treat yourself as such!
Don't deny yourself the opportunity to find out what life is really all about... 
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Sandals Resorts
We do Special Romantic Getaways & Weddings

                  Live the Dream!!!     
Dreamers Dance
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First Time customer's get up to 60% OFF 
Loyal Customer's get up to 40% OFF  Luxury Hotel Accommodations
We'll be your travel Guide on this journey to new adventures...... On a journey to a life time of unforgettable memories.  

Here at Serene Dreams it is our mission to treat you as royalty..... without the royalty fees. To let you know that our belief is that traveling  is not a privilege but a necessity . A break, some time off for rest and relaxation so that you may be pampered and spoiled while engolfed in gorgeous lands. Enriched with leisure time and pleasures. Basking in the sun with your family, fishing in the sea with the boys or a romantic getaway in the mountains. Whatever the type of vacation it may be, it is ones souls rejuvenation period that brings balance, harmony and wellness to your pure essence  and to those you love. A time to pause and recharge the batteries. A time to catch up with old friends, a time to enjoy laughing and loving with your family and loved ones because we all know that invariably when we work hard it is our dearest and closest love ones who pay with longing for not having as much of our time as they deserve and we all know that time is a precious resourse that can never be replaced.

Give into the dream, give into your heart and let the dream unfold before you.             

We'll be your Guide to the light of your dreams..... Adventure awaits!!!!!
Answer any questions or concerns...  Be with you all the way through
Show you that your dream vacation is not only possible but closer than what you think!
Search your dream....... then call me directly... 
First Time Customer's get up to 60% OFF 
Loyal Customer's will get up to 40% OFF Luxury Hotel Accommodations
Serene Dream Travels also specializes in Group travel packages of all kinds... Wellness retreats, Girls Getaways, Couples retreats, College escapades, Religious endeavors, Wedding Packages and so much more!!!! Anything that you can think of, it can be done! The sky is the limit but always remembered your dreams can go even further!!! So close your eyes and imagine.
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I will beat the competitors price, to the same package or even a BETTER one depending on availablitiy at time of booking.. Start exploring your dream here...